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3 body portrait sculptures and a poet portrait sculptures seen at an art exhibition

How is it made?

Flat Panel Sculpture of a female torso made by artist David Begbie
Using his very own techniques of modelling in steelmesh and incorporating photography the outcome for these artworks is stunning:
An image derived from original unique steelmesh sculpture is reformatted in flat (two-dimensional) panel stainless steel, translating it into a new art form.
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A Buddha Figure on a small bse lit by a spotlight, made of shiny brass panel

Buddha Sculpture 'ELEMENT'

Small Buddha sculpture made of a flat brass panel - semi-transparent.
Freestanding on a red-ixid steel base, limited edition, signed and numbered on the back.
Size 25 x 15 cm, overall dimensions with base: 32 x 17.5 cm, base depth 8 cm.
Options: freestanding or suspended.

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With strategic spot lights these 2D sculptures create compelling shadows, occupying a space between sculpture and shadow itself.
David Begbie
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